The Hilton Fort Collins will be the designated colloquium hotel. We have booked rooms for the participants from Wednesday, September 14 through Sunday, September 18.  (Please note that if you plan to extend your stay, you will be responsible for making those arrangements.) 

Accomodations: a king leisure room equipped with high-speed internet access, including breakfast buffet served out of the hotel’s restaurant.

The Hilton is located a short distance from the colloquium events being held on the Colorado State University campus.


Ground Transportation

The colloquium events held on the Colorado State University campus are within walking distance from The Hilton. For off-campus events, The Hilton offers a complimentary shuttle service and public transit is available through Transfort – an individual fare costs $1.25. Alternatively, committee members and affiliate persons may be available for carpool. Travel to Rocky Mountain National Park will be coordinated by the committee.